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When I am not amusing myself creating Max Action Figure and Max Pop Queen Paper Doll, [hey I need sanity breaks shut up] or attempting to meet writing deadlines [I’m on it, Pooks!], or working on webinar compilations [on it, Shannon!], I am usually working my ass off at AFW. And we had a really […]


Austin Film Festival 2012

  Max Adams, Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Cathy Rescher and Vicky Illk, Austin Film Festival 2012. (I have no idea why Kitty has Vicky in a choke hold, we are writing congressmen for explanations.) Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012 Max Adams, Cathy Rescher, and Kent Williams, Austin Film Festival 2012 […]