jensen ackles

cool stuff

  Last night — I went to a screening of Ten Inch Hero. It was very fun and the first time I got to see it on the big screen and it has Jensen Ackles in it who is cute as hell which is reason enough to go see it but also [and this is […]


my tv boyfriend

    Ooh la la — My TV boyfriend is Dean Winchester. Yay! “Your boyfriend is tried and true, reliable and dependable. He may be a bit unemotional and stoic, but you know he’ll take care of you like no other. He’s the classic down-home, salt-of-the-earth type of guy who is unpretentious, and values his […]


that face

  It is a — Lovely face right? Doy. It is Jensen Ackles. You have seen that face around here before. [Hello I have been prepping you for this for a solid year.] Skipping past my machiavellian tendendies of world manipulation and domination and also a tragic weakness for handsome men — My friend Betsy […]


october four!

  It is October four. You know what that means right? Supernatural! Yay!   *this will probably be accompanied by the same damning silence that followed me saying damn straight i knew what september 17 was, it was the release date for battlestar galactica 2.5