costume time yay!

  So a friend and I are headed to New Orleans for Halloween. Oh yez. Up your insurance policies and, as the Doctor says: “Basically. Run.” This kind of high fallutin’ All Hallow’s Eve action requires costumes.  I am torn between three: WWII Pin Up Girl? Star Wars Fighter Babe?   Or the ever constant […]


halloween frenzy

  Attention — The rest of the weekend will be spent Halloween carousing. If I am not back by Monday send the Saint Bernards. That is all.   [okay that is not a saint bernard but it is a very cute dog and i just like the photo]   where the art work comes from […]


feng shui pumpkin!

  Finally! A pumpkin for me. Yay! [Seriously, are these not the coolest pumpkins you have ever seen? I know my obsession with black and white can get a little out of hand but these are too cool I must have a pumpkin this year and paint it yay!]   [They call one of those […]


i have no halloween photos

  This is pretty funny I went down to the Santa Monica street fair for Halloween dressed up as Sailor Moon and fifty people asked to take photos with me. [I should be Sailor Moon more often.] I asked a couple of them to email me copies. Don’t know if they will. But if you […]