things not to do at the computer

  Thing Not to Do — At The Computer #3,426 : Get really annoyed at that strand of hair that keeps working free of its clip and brushing against your neck.   Thing Not to Do At The Computer #3,427 : Whip nail scissors out of the desk drawer and whack that baby off.   […]


new hair

  It is Spring. You know what that means. Max hair angst yay! I am thinking this is my new hair though. I think it is pretty hot. [yes, in blonde, doy]   That is Ashley Greene btw she is in Twilight and cute as hell.  


going red?

  That is me. I have been dragging though the freaking hard drive and every file looking for this because it is the one photo I have of me with red hair and Stiletto asked for it. And I flat out love Stil so will move heaven and earth to do that but also apparently […]



  I changed my hair color. Then I went to a lunch. After an hour of NOBODY NOTICING THE HAIR I said, Um, I changed my hair color. People just gave me the look. You know the look. The look that says, Really? [Wow clearly I have not been keeping my roots up.] Then my […]


witch hunter robin hair

I am tired of my hair. I have thought about Witch Hunter Robin hair. I am not so sure that translates. Also it means growing hair out and wrapping it and every human I have seen try to pull off this look ended up looking really stupid. [Also I suspect you have to dress like […]