black handled scissors beside stainless steel scissors

hair yay day!

The hair day went so totally right yay! I was angsting out a little about cuts and color. In the end we went for a merge of this color and cut combo:   It so worked! Yay yay yay!Thank you Kate at Last Satellite yay!  


baseball cap dementia

  Why does one woman — Own 30 baseball caps?     [When I say “one woman” I mean me.]     I spend hundreds of dollars on my hair. It is criminal to own this many baseball caps AND spend this much on my hair. That crazy contradiction might even spell mental instability.   […]


hair thoughts june 2015

I’m thinking on what I want to do next with the hair. It is pretty long right now. I have a lot of leeway. *I have to add this last image because it’s such a great cut and I don’t want to lose it. Okay great color too it is just all around great.



  It’s been so long since I had anything resembling long hair, I forgot it gets tangles in it that have to be brushed out. Where do these tangles come from? What causes them? Does the hair just go on a tangling spree on its own? Does it have its own brain? [Okay wait I […]


my nefarious hairdresser

  I go stumbling — Into my salon today. I do this after pulling an all nighter and the only reason I am ambulatory is, it seemed like a good idea to drop off things going out shipping before falling into bed. Then it seemed like a good idea to make a hair appointment. Only […]


the horned god

  I am looking — At my hair. Wondering whether to chop it off before the Nicholl 25th anniversary soiree or whether to keep it. And am again sort of marveling at the way my hair grows. Not because it is a great thing, more because it is aberrant and has always struck me odd […]