this is adorable

    The PushUp peeps posted a photo of everyone at PushUp waving to the AFW peeps.  That is adorable and hilarious to me. Don’t know what I am talking about?  I will assume you have been in a monastery in Tibet under a vow of silence.  Hey, welcome back!  Go check out :::what I […]


oyez we have the bear ears

  I promised you guys the bear ears.     I know — No lights, problem focus, shooting on an iPhone, and we did not exactly have Conrad Hall on call there but — Bear Ears! Yay!   *Lost? Confused? Not idea about the bear ears? :::catch up::: *Also, go listen to :::sister cristina::: you […]


action figure max!

    Just because it is fun and me and my friend Kim were goofing off with this idea over on Facebook, voila, Action Figure Max!   [Okay not really, that is really an action figure I lifted off the net and I will probably get sued, but close enough yay!]         […]


halloween frenzy

  Attention — The rest of the weekend will be spent Halloween carousing. If I am not back by Monday send the Saint Bernards. That is all.   [okay that is not a saint bernard but it is a very cute dog and i just like the photo]   where the art work comes from […]