wine hog!@

  The spagghet sauce and I — Have split a bottle of wine. The spagghet sauce says I totally got more than half that bottle and wants me to open another bottle just to even out the score. The spaghett sauce is a total liar jeez wine hog!     ON THE CORRECT SPELLING OF […]


just when i thought people got me

  You are — French Food Snobby yet ubiquitous. [Ubiquitous? Really? I am not sure the quiz people know what ubiquitous means.] People act like they understand you more than they actually do. [Damn you Food Quiz, just when I thought people were actually getting me!]   :::what kind of food are you:::   where […]


volcano taco

  There is — A “volcano taco” commercial on the television. I cannot hear the sound, I have been working and had the sound muted I just like to have some sort of visual something dancing around in the background. But now I look up and see “volcano taco.” The “volcano taco” has a strangely […]


fear of brazil nuts

  So now — The red terror is subsiding I have this fear of Brazil nuts. It is still not clear whether I had some kind of measles or some kind of violent allergic reaction [lasting days?] and only two things were different before it all started. One, I tried on a pair of stockings […]