oh the horror!

  I. Am. So. Tired. I have been running hard to stay on top of things that do not want to be stayed on top of because the rib knocked me back a week I never really caught up. A month later I am still playing catch up hard but the rib is all better […]


just say no to susan

  Immediately after Giving Susan the Snub — Susan’s Revenge began. Eight lightbulbs blew, the toilet broke, I cut my foot on glass, one of my tooth re-surface enamels came off, [fuck, I am so putting off calling the dentist], the printer started malfunctioning — hell electronics all the hell over the loft blew — […]


yay yay yay!

  My body is back. Okay, not entirely back, but back. It goes in pieces. It hurts a lot at first. I work through it and stuff stops hurting. My hand brushes my leg one day and I think, Oh that cord is back. Good. I look in the mirror one day, and there is […]


anatomy of an ankle weight

    Miss Adams cannot post today. She is too freaking sore. Okay not really. I can post. But I am sore. I have these stupid weights that go in these stupid ankle cuffs and each weight weighs two pounds and you can [I stress can] go up to twenty. They are for my knees […]


aliens stole my body

  So I looked in the mirror — To see what I look like naked. Do not ask me why I did that, except out of a mild thought that sometime in the future I might actually want someone else to see me naked and what would they be seeing if they did curiosity. [There […]