my crush on steve mcqueen

I have a new neighbor dog. He is small and brown with wiry fur and a boxy nose. I see him on my way out of the building to smoke. He lives right on the corner by the doors I go through and I smoke often and he is outside in his patio spot often […]


smartphone screen with stay safe inscription put on open magazine

the verizon tower and the dog

          I’m talking to the guys who service an internet Verizon tower by the apartment.             That tower scares the hell out of me. Not because it’s there. Because I’m afraid of heights and men climb it. That to me is crazy, climbing that tower and […]


max solves the middle east crisis

  Okay, not really. The Middle East crisis is a pretty big crisis and I can’t solve it. But — We’ve been avenging ourselves on Middle Eastern countries for 911 and fighting a “war on terror” now for 14 years. Did we win yet? Has terror stopped? Does anyone feel safer?     I’ve given […]


the girl with two dogs

  There is a girl — Who walks her two dogs down the path outside. She is little, about 5’3″. With long straight dark hair, a very white smile, and an hour glass figure a little over what Victoria Secret hires for. The dogs are small dogs, black, about 20 pounds each. One is Poodle, […]


the lady with dogs in a stroller

  Today I got the story from — The woman with the two dogs in a stroller. They are small dogs, they look to be miniature Bull Dogs, though in a stroller it is always hard to tell. Well in this stroller it is hard to tell because it is one of those strollers that […]


going home

  I am missing — The dogs. It hurts, this missing. I want my dogs. Not new dogs. MY dogs. And I want to go home.*     *Home does not exist. I attended nine elementary schools, lived in so many places — including cars and garages and floors — growing up there is no […]