so many things important

  There are so many things important going on in the world. And I’m so tired of talking about them. There are times I feel compelled. “This is important! You must post!” On the other hand? I don’t think you pricks are going to do a single thing to save the world. And I don’t […]


she is dead max : part i

  I wonder sometimes why — I am still here. That Saab accident is not the only accident that has not touched me. Another time, I was on the road and two cars and a Mac truck got into a big argument. It started with some sort of bizarre blow out with one of the […]


back behind the line

  Jesus God. [Someone hold the Evangelicals down when I say that ow.] Okay, so far I have heard about one Wal-Mart employee who is dead trampled to death by holiday shoppers and two people dead after a shooting at a Toys-R-Us store. WTF? Wal-Mart? Toys-R-Us? For Chrissake’s people that is not worth dying for […]