professor max

  As of January 2011 — AFW online courses are accredited University of Utah courses. For info on course credit, contact Paula Lee in the Film & Media Arts Department via paula.lee @ or Max via :::afw contact page::: Spring Classes: The Art of the Pitch, 01.11.11 Visual Writing, 01.11.11 Character Writing, 03.15.11 High […]


open seats 11.08.10

Okay festivities are over. Drat. Back to business. I have two seats open in the 5150 workshop, the January pitch class is full, there are four seats open in the November visual writing class. Also, the March high concept writing class is now open for registration and I will be appearing at Showbiz Expo giving […]


the trench

  There is a story — Behind this. But I won’t tell you that now. I will tell you after.   The Trench I am going to bring this up now because this is about the point when some stories start to look impossible to finish, deal with, there are too many pieces, you start […]