the sky is burnt today

  When big fire — Hits Southern California the whole sky fills with smoke and turns an odd burnt haze of air and the phrase that goes through my head when I look at it is “it is the end of the world as you know it.” I do not know where I first heard […]


why we are falling into the sea

  My favorite theory — For why California is going to fall into the ocean is the National Geographic Theory. It goes like this : Everyone in California gets National Geographic. No one throws away National Geographic. Garages are filling with National Geographic up and down the fault line and one day, poof, they will […]


recycling dilemma #2,068

  Pooks was posting — About recycling. I separate out paper and plastics for the paper and plastics bin but the manager told me he thinks the regular trash guys just take that stuff too so I was all chagrined I was doing that if the paper and plastics bin was just faux recycling. Pooks […]