going home

  I am missing — The dogs. It hurts, this missing. I want my dogs. Not new dogs. MY dogs. And I want to go home.*     *Home does not exist. I attended nine elementary schools, lived in so many places — including cars and garages and floors — growing up there is no […]


think quake

  When is the last time — You thought about an earthquake? When is the last time you checked earthquake supplies? If you live in Connecticut fine. If you live in California? Go check the supplies. And also check this checklist. This is a Red Cross list: WATER * Store water in plastic containers such […]



  This is a re-post. Read it anyway — There is a lot of fighting about the Triangle of Life because it contradicts the old Drop and Cover advice that has been in disaster pamphlets for a long long time [like a hundred years, seriously, with no updates] and used to be the only earthquake […]


the places i come from : part iii

  Most of my childhood — Has burned or shaken away. Forget mudslides. Which everyone pretends is an aberration, not a regular thing.   I remember kids taking pieces –– small pieces because it was rubble — of the roof away from a grammar school I attended. The whole administration building went down during a […]