We Have Office! And Floor!

the great box struggle

Each time I move, I face the same struggle. The boxes. Me: They are great boxes! Also Me: Recycle them. Me: The packing material was expensive! Also Me: Recycle it. Me: But but but but but — Also Me: We’re not paying for storage for a year to save moving boxes and packing material. Me: […]


it is probably just me

  It’s probably just me. But I keep staring at this package of packing materials that showed today. And thinking — Shouldn’t a company that sells packing and shipping materials be better at packing and shipping materials? I’m totally afraid of it.  


november move

  November is move month. I have already terrorized myself packing everything in the apartment mentally over and over and over again. I don’t even have boxes yet. I don’t even have a new apartment yet. And I’ve already moved a hundred times in my head. This is the problem with a vivid imagination.  When […]