whoah tower of mordor stats

  I popped in tonight — To post about the owls and, Whoah! Tower of Mordor stats! I’m pretty sure this is about the “it’s tough to be a girl on the internet” post.     Back in the old days when I was posting pretty consistently the blog used to get some heavy traffic. […]


the performer

  This is — Mildly fascinating it is the typealyzer and analyzes the personality of the author of a blog by scanning and analyzing posts on the blog. Celluloid Blonde came out — ESFP — The Performer The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their […]


cus o' meter : cuss level high

  Around 22.9% of the pages — On this website contain cussing. That is 186% MORE than other websites tested. :::take the cuss o meter quiz:::   ps : is it just me or does ” around 22.9%” seem like an odd number? pps : you know rachael & stil are going to blow me […]