babies kill tv

  Maybe it is just me — But I have never watched a series television show that did not tank after a baby showed up. Except for maybe the exception of the Helen Hunt romance show which somehow escaped that to survive a little longer after it turned into “we have a baby.” Hmm. But […]


baby ahoy

  A friend of mine — Is expecting a baby. He assures me he is totally prepared for an infant because his cat is just as noisy and demanding as a baby. I think he may change his mind when he encounters the joys of changing diapers they do not make clumping diapers yet.   […]


uh oh

  I am a little — Concerned here. I am getting spam titled “baby supplies.” Do the spammers know something I do not know? Also if they do someone better notify the Vatican.   where the art work comes from : that is from laurent orseau