the owls are back

  The owls are back. The owls spend time on this enormous tower by my apartment building. That tower is over four stories tall. I do not know what the purpose of that tower is. Sometimes mysterious workmen come out to work on things in electric panels at the tower’s base at night. That is […]


couch surfing gecko!

    I have this new roommate. The Gecko. He is small. He does not pay rent. I think he is couch surfing.     The first time I saw the gecko I was very worried about the gecko. What if the gecko wandered under the couch and became confused and disoriented and dehydrated? [This […]


the sky tonight

  The sky was a Maxfield Parrish sky tonight. All midnight blue up by the moon, sifting down through paler and paler blues as it streched down to touch the city lights.  


my heart breaks

  Once in a while — I make the mistake of listening to the radio. Radio stations in Austin are pretty bad in general. [Listen, Austin radio stations if you do not know this, I am sorry to deliver bad news but it is just so.] But I thought tonight I would listen to some […]


the lady with dogs in a stroller

  Today I got the story from — The woman with the two dogs in a stroller. They are small dogs, they look to be miniature Bull Dogs, though in a stroller it is always hard to tell. Well in this stroller it is hard to tell because it is one of those strollers that […]