film festival frenzy!

Austin Film Festival was fun — and exhausting. That is a lot of socializing for someone who spends most of her days alone with bed hair facing off with a hostile computer. Here are some fun pics.   Also there is more crazy good AFW news for November :::go see:::   Also there is more […]


and in crazy awesome afw news

When I am not amusing myself creating Max Action Figure and Max Pop Queen Paper Doll, [hey I need sanity breaks shut up] or attempting to meet writing deadlines [I’m on it, Pooks!], or working on webinar compilations [on it, Shannon!], I am usually working my ass off at AFW. And we had a really […]


when workshop shirts attack

  Probably this is only hilarious to me. It is actually kind of a catastrophe but still hilarious to me. [This may be because “catastrophes” historically for me involve brushes with death but I consider the “brushes with death” catastrophes mostly comedic too so my “catastrophe” meter is skewed.] [Wait, back up, catastrophe therapy kickstarter […]