nice try 2009

  Ha! Thought you would take me down didn’t you you bastard year? Not hardly.   [youtube=]   Happy New Year everyone. Smooch! [That is My Chemical Romance.] [Do not forget to check out the blue moon tonight that does not happen often on New Year’s Eve.] [You can see the truly stunning video of […]


dear god

  Dear God : Today I give thanks there is a fire in the hearth, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and I have friends in the world and know I am loved. Also I am real happy that little dog got adopted and love the new pajamas. Thanks God.   where […]


january first

  It is — January First [I am the queen of obvious observations today]. Stil and I should be lying on the floor in D.C. nursing hangovers and sharing anecdotes about the Cowboy Bar while occassionally tossing New Years celebration detritus for Pumpkin to chase. Instead I am in L.A. Kinda sucks. But I am […]


happy new year

  I have been — Neglecting you guys. Sorry about that. Some stuff has been going down here that needed my attention and left me kind of wrung out and not feeling like posting. It happens. But I wanted to wish you all a happy new year. May 2009 be a fabulous year for all […]



  Last night — The phone rang. It was Stil. Stil had had some wine so being a good friend I poured a glass of wine too so she would not be drinking alone and we chatted each other up and Stil asked what I was doing for New Year’s Eve and I said no […]