system terrors : part two


system terrorsOkay. I did it. I started —

The god awful arduous process of updating the computer system. This is always bad news. I know that going in. But you have to do it because those freaky software people make it harder and harder to not do it over a span of, oh, maybe three minutes since the last system install. Probably holding out six years is a monumental feat. But they win, I lose, I have to do it. So I pull up my boot straps, and, shivering, go for it.

So far, I have the computers talking to each other, the mail program up and running again, the calendar and address book functioning, and the majority of important programs including the legacy software operational. That only took, oh, um, three days of staying up till 4 am to get everything backed up, loaded, transfered, shuffled into the right system folders, and running in sync — and only cost me 6 years worth of saved emails which now live in a zone commonly referred to as “Oh fuck that was REALLY important.”

The printer won’t work. I reloaded the drivers, reloaded the patches, reloaded the keyspan drivers, and the computer knows the printer and drivers and keyspans are there. Well, Classic Nine knows the printer and drivers and keyspans are there. Word doesn’t. Word doesn’t even want to talk to anything related to System 9. Word is demanding some other fancy printer. This is a problem.

ICQ is also a dead soldier — and for no good reason. This ICQ program is supposed to work on either system on the computer, and won’t. [Also I know I have been fighting computer issues too long when I want to kill a friend who for the third time has told me just load ICQ 5.1 it will only take five minutes when I have told her three times THERE IS NO FUCKING 5.1 ICQ FOR THE MAC. See? Getting a little testy here. Hmm.] I think ICQ is having fire wall issues. It did not have those issues on the other system though so makes no sense to me it would instantaneously go unhinged over a new system it is supposed to be operational on. Two systems it can pick from and neither one is working so who the hell knows? Not me. But I am seriously wanting to maim ICQ people about now. [Hint, if you are an ICQ person, this might not be a good time to pop by.]

This is just stuff I know is not working. There is always something lurking in the fray you do not know about that will leap out and surprise you after a system upgrade, but hey, a non-fuctioning printer and no computer communication with the internationals, that is a small set back, right? I mean, I am just a writer, IT IS NOT LIKE MY JOB FUCKING REQUIRES I PRINT ANYTHING!

Uh oh. I am typing in all caps again. Time maybe for another break….

Love and Kisses,

Your [Die ICQ Die] Adams Girl


p.s. Say, if you suspect you are supposed to be in my email address book, um, you are not the whole address book blew up along with the saved [important] email send email so I can click a button that puts you back in the book rebuilding this monster manually, well, that may be a while.

p.p.s. Okay, icq is fixed now so I guess it is safe for icq people to pop by again. And now for the final hurdle. The printer.

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:::system terrors : part two:::


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  1. That damn astrologer is giving us all hell. Time for another trip down the stairs.–>

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