swimsuit follies


bathing_beautySo my last —

And FINAL bathing suit shows from Victoria’s Secret. I put it on. It is a two piece. The top fits. I think, Well, okay that is a start. The bottoms? Too big. How did that happen? I am thinking, Well, okay, I can trade in for smaller bottoms. Which does not make sense it is not like I am losing weight if anything I am gaining, but these look huge. Maybe they sent me the wrong size?

The thing is, it really does not look good. It does not look “bad.” But. Even if the bottoms were not too big, it is just passable. I think, So, I have tried on a lot of bathing suits, maybe I just really look bad in a bathing suit now. I mean, I have in all of the suits I have tried so far.

I pull out my old suit and put it on.

I look freaking fabulous.

It is not me. It is the suits.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


[I think I will stick with my old suit for a while longer.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from dce jeff

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  1. forkboy1965

    But this means we’ll go through this all over again, right?

    I for one cannot wait!

  2. Kym

    You always look frikkin’ fabulous. Relax girl. It is a joy to look at you.

  3. max

    Aww, you. Smooch!

  4. ejalvey

    I think they make swim suits now with the express purpose of making us all crazy.

    Let’s not even talk about bras. I have not found a bra that fits for four years. We don’t all have fake boobs that sit right under our chins. Geez.

  5. max

    Oh well it was living dangerously to do a mail order bathing suit going in If I try this again it will be in person I think.

  6. I have several swimsuits stuffed in a drawer, most are newer and moderately conservative, however, the one that is most flattering is the ol’ string bikini.

    My point? There’s nothing like a classic, and I’m forced to wear skimpy items.

  7. max

    Okay I cannot imagine you with a “moderately conservative” swim suit.

  8. ejalvey

    I’m guessing it’s red, white and blue and has an elephant on it.

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