susan is gunning for me


sky_cryingYesterday —

I pulled a hamstring just walking. Then, unimpressed enough with that unfounded injury I fell on the stairs.

Clearly Susan is gunning for me.


Falling on these stairs is really stupid. They are hard concrete stairs basically designed to maim and impair. Most of the time I am even approaching them my head snaps to them before I even get to the first step no matter what I am thinking with the thought, These are dangerous stairs, pay attention.

The time I do not pay as much attention is when I go up the stairs. See, you always worry about nasty stairs when you are going down but it never occurs to you you would be stupid enough to fall on the stairs stone cold sober going up them.

Which I did.

Carrying a grocery bag.



My hand and knee are really sad about this.


Also you might wonder why I even connect it to Susan but hey this is not the first maiming incident involving Susan, she got aj bad one time already. [And those details you will probably never know because you were not there but that is your problem not mine oops.] Anyways. And please? First the hamstring for no reason and then an unexpected fall?

Definitely Susan.


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  1. Imagine how it feels to try and get up and down stairs with a size 12 foot. There is more of my foot off the tread than on it.

    I hate stairs.

    (then again, I don’t have to worry about wearing heels on stairs – at least not that you know of ;-)

  2. Hey, be careful with you… You.

  3. How’s the hamstring?

  4. max

    It is all better thanks you smooch!

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