where the old books go


war uniformsI have —

All. These. Books!

Really it is less books than I used to have. Some I sold off. Some I gave away. I have lightened the book load by a lot. But still I have many many books and I was brought up to cherish books and I do but the thing is —

I can totally cherish books without wanting to carry them and I really really do not want to carry them.

So a bunch of books went off to the library today.

Libraries take book donations as long as the books are in good shape which works for me and also works out for the library too.

Live happy little books you will be read again.


*natch taking the books to the library meant i did carry them [irony you see] but for the last time woof


where the art work came from :
that is war uniforms by bad jonni

7 Responses to where the old books go

  1. californiablogging

    This breaks my heart and inspires me. I found it easier to quit smoking than to part with books.

  2. Kym

    I packed off a bunch of books to the thrift store this summer. Immediately I felt better.

    Subsequently, I have gone to my shelves several times only to realize that the book I was searching for is gone.

    I still think I did the right thing…sort of.

  3. Oh man! I don’t think I could ever give books away. Of course my collection is tiny by most standards. Lucky library!

  4. They found a good home… And are now the gift that keeps giving!

  5. max

    I am very much about giving up the books. Someone else will read them and enjoy them. And I will have one less back injury from carrying them and also one less shelf to dust.

    Not the Calvin & Hobbes books though. Those stay.

  6. “And are now the gift that keeps giving!”

    Like herpes!

    Sorry. I can take a beautiful thing and ruin it, huh? Ok, if you’re donating books, couldn’t they at least come by and pick them up for you?

  7. max

    I do not think the library picks up. Some charities do. I stare at some of the books I am still lugging about and think, I should send these on too. Too many books.

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