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male torso iiOkay super hero Mark is —

Coming to help me hang more stuff and also, he has all the hardware to do it. This is kind of shocking to me I do not even know how to pronounce this stuff, fear being mocked in a hardware store trying to ask for it, and have no idea how or why anyone would just happen to have it lying around. It is special widgets for supporting and embedding things in concrete which, you know, I do not just have in the desk drawer next to the paper clips. I figure most people do not. I say, Mark, what exactly do you do? He is a VP at a construction company. Apparently, Mark built bridges and stuff in his youth and now tells other people how to do that. Real bridges. You know, like the kind cars drive over to cross rivers and gorges and stuff? And, they do not fall down? This explains why Mark could just singlehandedly whip up a second story to his tall ceilinged loft using metal beams. Holy cow.


where the art work comes from :
that is torso by melancholik

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  1. Hmmm, all you really need is a drill, some bits and that stuff the sell at Home Depot (or Lowes) designed specifically for hollow walls…

    How does a girl know all this? I’m a lesboan, natch. Plus, my day job?(Which I hope to not leave totally.) I remodel houses. It’s why I have all those tools and know how to use them.


  2. Okay, Mark sounds like a very nice person. It’s so great when those show up in our lives, isn’t it?

    And well, since we’re contractors, we have all that sort of stuff lying around, too. But then again, we’re weird.

  3. max

    Oh these are not hollow walls. These are solid concrete walls and ceilings. They are different. Also I am hanging stuff from the ceiling with piano wire and I have not done that before either it is really good for me to see someone who has do it so I have a feel for how it all works.

    Toni, I thought about you after this, I thought, Oh wow Toni is in construction I bet she knows all about this stuff.

  4. If it’s made from cinder blocks, it’s a hollow wall. If the walls are poured concrete, then you need a hamer drill and some specially designed anchors. They make them to hold different weights. You should have seen me trying to hang crown moulding in a house that had been constructed with steel beams… that no one told me about until the last minute. I had to back up and punt with that but, you know, it looked great when I got done! Just like a script, it’s all in how you work with the materials you’ve got!


    Glad someone (the sainted Mark) is helping you out!

  5. Max, I know a little, but Carl seems to know everything, so I have a handy Q & A source. When he was 18 years old, he convinced his dad that he could add a third story to a building his dad owned — and do so in such a way that it matched the look of the very old building. And he did. I am still completely stunned at how much confidence it took for that (him as well as his dad to trust him). Plus the knowledge. ;) So any construction questions, if Super Mark isn’t around, shoot ’em on by. Though it looks like writergurl has a lock on it as well.

  6. max

    Okay, I am trying to fathom why someone would construct a house with steel beams. There just happened to be an old bridge nearby with spare parts? Wood was really really scarce that year? That must have been a hell of a molding job.

    Carl is going to retire at 25 right?

  7. Building a house with steel beams? Oh, see, THAT story begins with “And the FOURTH builder…”.

    Nevah a good thing.

    I did such a good job I not only hung the crown, I painted that house inside and out, I redid the master bathroom, built the front porch and the fence as well as a HUGE gazebo in the back yard. They lurve me. ;) The other contractors? Not so much.

  8. Max, LOL. Man, I wish he could have retired at 25. Or even 45. (He’s 46.) He thinks in about 5 years he’ll retire. And then be underfoot. Every day. hmmmm.

  9. max

    Oh I think the world needs a LOT of raku pottery and if it has to wait five years it can but then watch out, it is Raku time yay! He will not be underfoot, he will be building kilns. [smile]

    Good Lord, writergurl, you are just a constructing wonder.

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