It is —

Incredibly hot outside. The sun is machine gun harsh.

I am waiting for it to go down.

This is some annoying. I have things I need to do.

But it is too damn hot to be out in that. The sun does not like me. It will not be kind.

It never is.


where the art work comes from :
that is camel sunburst by eamon gallagher

0 Responses to sun

  1. Bad sun.

    It’s cool and gray here today… Bummer.

  2. Kym

    I always suspected you had vampire leanings. What are you doing living in such a hot spot? It is barely April and it is just going to get hotter.

  3. max

    It is a trade. It is bright during the day, but you can always see the moon in L.A. Of course, if I lived up there I could always see all the stars too. The city lights dim those here.

  4. You’re fighting the heat already?

    “The sun is machine gun harsh”

    I love that line.

  5. max

    Yes. The sun is on task already.

  6. aj

    “I have things I need to do” TRANSLATION “I am out of Diet Coke”

  7. max

    It might not be Diet Coke. I have more interests. It might be cigarettes.

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  9. Or more personal ads!

  10. max

    Yes, dammit, I am multifaceted.

  11. Yes, you are, beautiful!

  12. kommoner

    lots of laughs.

  13. californiablogging

    I do need to be eased into the brutally hot days. I did have an excuse for a ginseng slushy yesterday.

  14. A ginseng slushy?


  15. max

    That just somehow sounds wrong. Isn’t ginseng a root or something? Root slushy? What?

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