summer legs


119 by michael bentburnOkay this is for girls.

Guys close your eyes and click next or something.

[Okay, are the guys gone?]

[You too Valliant.] [And TJ.] [And Brut.] [And Faust.] [And Pete.] [And — jeez, what about no boys was not clear? Scamper on you trouble makers.]

Okay. Now.

Know how you see some new depilatory product and think, Yeah, right, like that will work? Only you are scarred for life by epilady and also razors and also so tired of wax [which hurts dammit] you get it anyway just to see? And then sure enough just like you thought it does not work?

I did that the other day. I got this hair removal thing which is just this dumb paper mitt you rub on your leg and that for sure is laughable I felt stupid just getting it thinking, No way no how. But —

It works.

Holy cats.

I do not know how. I do not know why. But it does.

It is the HairOff Mitten. And it is just this dumb little paper thing you rub on your leg. And you do not have to grow stubs to use it like you do with wax. And it exfolliates. And it does not nick or cut. And it does not hurt. And it actually works. Fast.



btw, i have no idea how this works on other areas that are not legs but hey the legs are so covered yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is #119 by michael bentburn

13 Responses to summer legs

  1. It looks intersting – I wonder if it is a friction thing?

  2. californiablogging

    NIfty! I am always trying to remember where I hid the razor from zach.

  3. max

    It seems to be some sort of sanding thing that is way more interactive with hair than skin so I guess is keratin unfriendly? It is really cool. No soap. No water. No sticky stuff. It only lasts as long as a razor does though so no long lasting benefits there but still very cool.

  4. I must try. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hey, do you think that will work on Pumpkin?

  6. max

    You are not going to depillitate Pumpkin. Bad bad Stil. Bad.

  7. max

    You know the cat gods are not amused by stuff like that wow you better sleep with the windows shut for a year.

  8. Does it get the hair root out? I have very light skin but dark hair, so you can see the hair growing under my skin.

    I’ve been using a Braun hair yanker for years. Only problem is the pain, but I’ve gotten used to it.

  9. max

    Unfortunately it does not do that, to get the root you are still stuck with wax or rip.

  10. Those hair yanker things are used in Gitmo, I swear. Unlike waxing, it never gets less painful, either.

    PS: there is another way:

  11. max

    The cat gods are so going to get you, you just taunt them and taunt them.

  12. Wait a minute. Is that a cat or a dog? It’s so ambiguous looking.

    I do think it makes a good case for Pumpkin to keep her hair.

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