A small —

Unidentified flying insect is buzzing around the computer. Making me crazy. Get away from my screen. Get away from my face. Get away from my beverage. I am trying to work!

I snatch it out of the air.

This surprises me AND the small unidentified flying insect.


I let it loose on the balcony.

Any insect that inspires that kind of hand eye coordination deserves to live.


where the art work comes from :
that is from chez elan

0 Responses to sufi

  1. forkboy1965

    With power comes responsibility.

  2. Very Kung-Fu mixed with a little Tao of you…

  3. max

    I was just as surprised as the insect.

  4. Ben

    Max… Didn’t the Prez do that at some point during the campaign?

  5. max

    I think he did zap something on the Daily Show.

  6. With ronnie’s rayyy-gun? You know, in a bipartisan effort…

    It being the holidays and all.

  7. I often use that hand eye coordination thing to justify the obscene amount of time spent on the PS3.

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