sucks to be you chad

silent_myers.pngSo in a massive feeling of guilt for neglect, mainly because I have been having way too much fun flouncing about the blogs which means I must be neglecting something, I spent the night reviewing 15 students’ work, cleaning up the seemaxrun forum, pruning the 5150 workshop, packaging things that need to be mailed out this week, washing dishes, scrubbing the floor, and cleaning the stove top.

Okay actually the stove top was just dusty, there were only three glasses to wash, and I did not really scrub the floor I just did a spot check. That counts, though, right? Windexing a spot?

I probably have all this guilt invested energy because I would really like to make fun of a student but that would be wrong. You cannot mentor people and make fun of them on a blog. That is just wrong. So no fun student stories for you. I have to let that go. Instead —

I will take this moment to point something else out. Chad, I know you are reading. You have done everything to look me up short of pulling my FBI file – which would probably be a bad idea Chad I am birth denoted DAR and also my father is kind of a scary man. [Adams, Chad, Adams, we fought the Revolution, we signed the Constitution, one of my great greats enabled the supreme court and my great great greats freed Scotland before an Adams even stepped foot on U.S. soil. And then we kicked King George’s ass. Hello. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to fuck with an Adams.] Okay. That said. Consider this. Not only am I writing the movies your daughter will watch? I am a teacher of writing, influencing the minds of the next generation of writers who will write the movies your daughter will watch — and, the movies your granddaughters will watch.

I just thought it would be fun to throw that out there.

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  1. Oh my God, you’ve got a stalker, for real?

  2. Max has a Stalker, Max has a Stalker…I see Chad about to hit the Blogger Universe like a bug on a windshield-

    Ha, ha….

  3. Holy.

    That Chad is a real winner. I get my share of whackos, but that guy is in the top five of all time.

    I’m pretty sure he needs one of those backwards sweaters they hand out in the “special” hospitals.

  4. wait a second here…….
    Chad is BAD
    and he’s going to be very very sad……
    If he bothers Max, it will make me really Fucking MAD
    It will be worse than any nightmare he’s EVER had
    go away stalker freak, right now…you’ll be glad!

    OH, I am not kidding…………..

  5. The name “Chad” has always cracked me up. It’s so…whiney. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaad….. There’s nothing butch about the name Chaaaaaaaaad.

  6. Z

    Is this the same Chad that allowed Bush to hijack the presidency?

  7. Oh no, Z.

    This type of Chad doesn’t hang much at all, I suspect.


  8. Sophia

    How seriously can you take a guy called Chad? Oh no, I didn’t say that.

  9. aj

    I straight away think of Charlies Angels and that pathetic dude with the tug boat “It it the Chad?”.

  10. max

    Oh well there is nothing wrong with looking a person up on the net but there is something wrong with telling someone you know too much about them and are coming after them and I am vengeful about stuff like that.

  11. trenchy

    Did he not get an award? Because I have two and I don’t plan on giving one up.
    If he shows up and doesn’t look like Clooney, cap his ass… I know that you know how.

  12. max

    Yes he won best personal threat in a blog convo.

  13. Now you’ve made me wanna go google you, and that is just wrong. Stop it right now!

    Oh hell, I’m gonna do it anyway – does that make me a stalker too? If so you’d better let me know the rules, I’m…shhhh don’t tell anyone….a stalker virgin.

  14. max

    I am sorry Uncensored googling someone does not make you a stalker you will just have to try harder.

  15. Oh, that Chad was bad. He got so worked up over nothing and the next thing you know he was threatening you.

    Apparently also, Chad doesn’t know that in Hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity (not that you have any, just that he thinks he can stir some up).

  16. Making fun of a student on a blog would just be so wrong. Unless the student is Chad of course.

  17. damn it…ok, will work on my stalkerness or whatever the hell you call it. No chad comment? He been by at all?

  18. Oh, I’m sure Chad has comments, Max is using them to practice her Tetris aim.

  19. max

    He won’t comment. He knows I would delete it.

  20. max

    Oh. I take it back. He is commenting up a frenzy. Chad, you cannot post here. You know this from past experience. This is my playhouse I do not like you you are not allowed.

  21. Hi Chad!

    **Waves to Chad**

    It so sucks to be you.

  22. He put it up at my place instead, it’s the last comment in the ‘are all american women evil’ post. sorry, it’s the last two posts. Guess he had a lot to say.

  23. max

    No. He put some of it up at your place. The stuff about what he was going to do to me if I did not erase all these posts here he saved just for me. Try not to encourage him. He is not a nice man.

  24. max

    Sigh. Okay. Once more for clarity’s sake.

    Chad. Do not post on my board. That is not email. That is blog posts. Blog posts from you are unwelcome on this board. Any contact from you is unwelcome with me. Stop. Go away. [you fucking fruitcake]

  25. **whispers to Max**

    Can I moon him?

  26. max

    Janie you crack me up.

  27. Cute pun, Max.

    I’ll take that as a “yes”.

    **moons Chad**

    nanny nanny boo boo

    Who can’t post here? You.

  28. if you are into Tetris you shall check out this online tetris website where you can play all kinda tetris games online :-)

  29. max

    Well it is an odd place to put a Tetris post but I am into Tetris so okay.

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