The other evening —

I am strolling down the sidewalk minding my own business and guys keep giving me looks. This is not a big deal if one guy does it or if two guys do it but five? In a row? I start to get weirded out and sort of surly. What is with the looks? Is my hair sticking up? Is my zipper undone? What?

[Also I have foundation on the nose so do not get smart Brut I know you want to.]

It is not till I am a block from home it occurs to me maybe they just think I am pretty.


where the art work comes from :
that is from brien applegate

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  1. Dan

    Humility is all well and good…but sometimes you just have to admit that you’re a good-looking dame.

  2. That’s probably it… Even with the pimple.

  3. Kym

    Apparently ‘Ash’s have more fun’

    Hmm, not a catchy slogan though.

  4. My cats look at me like that when I come home.
    But they just want food.

  5. max

    There is still the off chance my hair was just sticking up funny and then played it safe when I got home.

  6. Brut

    Well if i’m gonna take the rap for not saying anything I might just as well say sumptin. Honestly, I don’t know of any guy that notices a girls nose first thing when walking by on the street… if anything I would guess they thought you had a cute ash.

  7. Max is the total package.

    BTW – like the pic. I know a Brien Applegate. Never thought I’d see someone else with that name.

  8. That is positive feedback on the new hair.

  9. max

    It really is. I think I will keep this for a while.

  10. And we’ll be waiting for a picture.

  11. max

    Jeez. I really need to get a real camera I guess.

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