stripping pillows


unmade bed lilo raymondEvery morning —

I wake up and there is a missing pillowcase.

A pillow I slept with is just now naked.

I always find the case. It is thrown behind the bed.

I just do not get why I have some sort of sleep urge to tear a pillow case off a pillow.


*hey, freud guys, yeah you, that is just not happening quit it


where the art work comes from :
that is unmade bed by lilo raymond
and that is the best link i can find for him

19 Responses to stripping pillows

  1. californiablogging

    You are funny. No memory of a repetitive dream, only clues.

  2. kymk

    Not Ghosts plural but one single Ghost lover who uses your pillow case to hide his nakedness. Unfortunately, when he tries to slip through the wall, the pillow case (captured by the material plane) falls in a sad heap behind your bed.

  3. I personally could never sleep on an uncased pillow. It’s unnatural somehow. So removing it while sleeping is beyond my comprehension.

  4. max

    Jeesh if there is some sort of romantic event happening around here nights I wish I could remember it.

  5. conundrum

    Perhaps the sleep ghost is into unprotected sleeping and can’t stand the rain-coat-ish constraints of enclosing the pillow.

    But, assuming you have chosen the hygenic approach of using a zippered pillow cover, you are protected from the tawdry life of sleeping with the naked.

  6. ethel

    Velcro is the solution you seek, grasshopper.

    Where you put the velcro will tell a story about…well, you…and your sleep fantasies.

  7. Hey now! There are Freud women, too~ And I was just about go there until I saw your warning!

  8. and when i woke up my pillow was gone…
    -rim shot-.
    thank you. i’ll be here all week.

  9. brut

    The neked pillow is neither the cause nor the effect, but merely the result of a violent sleep pattern. The question is what or who is the cause of this violent sleep pattern. I think I am on to something… I think I know…
    Unfortunately, my bottle of Rijoa is empty… and I can’t think any more.

  10. Can you still hear violent hacking guy next door? If not you probably killed him with it.

  11. max

    Yes. I got a break two mornings running though with no wake up hacking. Yay!

    [around here small blessings are big blessings]

  12. You need to shut your window at night and nail a garlic-patterned plate from the Botanica series over your bed. Place a Meadow Fresh-scented fabric softener sheet deep within the pillowcase before putting it over the pillow, and leave it there.

    What you have is a pillowcase vampire.

  13. max

    Wow with all that garlic I am totally going to need that meadow fresh fabric softener sheet in there and also pretty much better kick romantic notions to the curb. You are too funny.

  14. Depends: you could just pick up Italians for awhile till the curse is broken.

  15. max

    Hmm. The imaginary boyfriend is Italian.

    It could work, damn it.

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