stripes vs. canada


At last! Someone has finally —

Explained the difference between the Stripes and Canada.


[This has so been keeping me up nights.]




where i nabbed that youtube :
i nabbed that from the queen o’ all things canada miss rain

9 Responses to stripes vs. canada

  1. It’s all about the kittehs. Also, we say “eh” and have better beer. You say “y’all” and have better whiskey.

  2. max

    The Southerners say ya’all. The Californians say “you guys.” Get it right you damn Canadian.

  3. max

    Wow. I have no good response for that. This requires the powers of the tiara I think.

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  5. brut

    “Square head” for an English Canadian and “Frog” for a Quebecer are usually good conversation starters in a bar or a brasserie, Max.

  6. I am anti-Canadian right now. Thank you.

  7. max

    You have had a recent brush with a bad Canadian. It will pass.

  8. I’m still waiting. In the meantime this huge sugar cookie I’m nibbling on is providing ample comfort.

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