WGA Strike 2023


Well. We are on strike. When I say we, that is WGA as in Writers Guild of America writers.

[Screenwriters are union labor. You knew that, right?]

Wall Street is never going to get tired of getting rich on talents’ back.

Screenwriters shouldn’t have to drive Ubers in off hours to put food on the table and shoes on their kids’ feet though.

So —

Dear Wall Street: Bite me.

If you’re union, you know what to do.

If you’re not union, you can still go down to a picket line and pass out bottled water or coffee or such to show support. Nobody is going to kick you off the line either if you want to walk with.

Stay strong union writers.

Last strike wasn’t pretty.

This strike is likely to be ugly too.

Here’s a picket schedule with locations:


*By the way, the reason the 2007 strike finally ended was David Letterman (TV) and Tom Cruise (features) said enough is enough and broke with the AMPTP to sign a fair contract with writers. There will always be a special place in my heart for those two men for doing that.

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