strike soup!


My friend Dog

Can make soup.

He boils water and puts food things in the boiling water and after a while, there it is. Soup.

[And it is delicious too.]

This does not happen when I boil water and put food things in it. When I do that, I get boiled water with food things in it.

[And it is not delicious.]

This is a mystery to me.


Monday I got email from Dog :

Are you going to be home at 7 pm? I am making soup for strikers.

Tragically I got the email after 8 but —

Dog was so excited I moved and did not ask him to help with his truck [I have played the Dog truck card as far and hard as it is humanly right to play it I gave Dog a break on this move and just did not ask] Dog made a special trip to bring me an extra big container of soup Tuesday.

Strike soup! Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is soup ‘n spoon by ilse

9 Responses to strike soup!

  1. Dog sounds cool. But tell me, oh wise one, why do they call him Dog?

  2. max

    You know, only Dog could tell you that and I have never asked. I can tell you right before I met Dog, Pooks said, “Um, Max, if he asks if you want to see his photo album, maybe you should know in advance it is a photo album of Dog naked in front of different national monuments.”

    I have never seen that photo album. I think Dog knows I am Mary Poppins.

    [dog has a website here.]

  3. That Dog is a nice fellow. I’ve met him before, too. Pooks introduced us. You should have seen the smile on her face when she said, “Dog meet Kitty, Kitty, meet Dog.”
    That Pooks is a rascal, I tell ya.

  4. max

    Pooks is an ex CIA agent and nothing but trouble.

  5. max

    [um, that was a joke in case any unsane types are in the audience]

  6. Dog does make the best soup. I still remember the party at his house (wow, um, something like six years ago) and he made three soups and they were terrific. I could have lived in the kitchen next to the pots bubbling on the stove.

  7. max

    I do not understand how some people put food in pots on a stove and it comes out more delish than when it went in. That is like magic to me.

  8. Wow, this is reminding me more and more of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld.

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