WGA Strike Ends at 12:01 AM September 27, 2023

strike ends at midnight!

The WGA strike ends at 12:01 AM Wednesday September 27 2023.

The WGA Negotiating Committee has pulled off an amazing deal. Included in the new MBA agreement is so much good stuff, but just as a few points:

  • AI is out
  • “Showrunner” is now officially a “writer.”
  • Minimum writers room staffing
  • Both members of a writing team now get insurance
  • Guarantee 2-step deal for feature writers
  • Script fees for staff writers
  • Guarantee writers be kept through production
  • Success based residuals on streaming
  • New foreign residuals numbers
  • Streaming numbers made available to WGA
  • And so much more —

You can check out 2023 MBA details here on the WGA site:


Now we just have to bring SAG-AFTRA home. They are still on strike. Stay strong, SAG-AFTRA. You can do this.

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