strike dog!


strike dog!



One of the workshoppers

Was walking the line at Paramount and grabbed this photo.

Strike Dog! Yay!


*strike dog is becoming a celeb he is on nikki finke’s too


where that strike dog comes from :
that strike dog comes from jumpsoda

10 Responses to strike dog!

  1. I imagine PETA will get ‘hold of this photo and have something to say about strapping a sign on a poor doggie and forcing it to walk a picket line.

  2. max

    Are you crazy? That is a happy dog.

    [My dogs so would have loved a picket line. People. A nice walk. And costumes yay!]]

  3. That is a cute puppy.

    Though one would think television writers wouldn’t use such a pun. ;)

  4. Kym

    Oh now the poor dog is a bone of contention.

    :Flees: or :fleas:

  5. max

    Do not even think you can blame that bad pun on disgraphia I will not be fooled.

  6. Pretty dog with a good cause. I don’t like reality shows. I hope writers get what the deserve. We want real writing and acting.

  7. max

    Unfortunately, things look pretty grim at the negotiating table. The association is jacking the negotiating committee around pretty hard.

  8. Us couch potatoes are having to go back to the pc. and reading. This hurts every one involved. down to stage hands. We want to be entertained.

  9. max

    The Association has three goals: Piss off Guild members [if you upset the opponent, the opponent makes mistakes]; Divide Guild members [it is hella easier to crush divided opposition; Publicly discredit Guild members [the less good will the Guild and writers have, the easier it is to achieve the other two goals].

    That is it. That is the entire agenda and strategy. There is no consideration for the viewing public, for the people out of work, or for the writers being negotiated with. The approach is entirely adversarial and not about negotiating. It is about attacking and eroding. So. Um. Get used to reality TV.

  10. voodoo child

    Reality tv . NO! NO! never.

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