stress out


Pardon me while I stress out over the new WordPress control panel.


I hate change. Where is the damn time date stamp? Ahhhhhh!


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  1. LOL Max. I love the new dashboard, it seems a bit less cluttered.

    The time date stamp is in a drop down menu next to the “publish immediately” button. Click on “edit.”

  2. max

    Oh whew. I was wondering how I was going to load posts to go in the next day. Sehr annoying.

    Though it is probably time to take a break. I have been doing this a post a day thing a long time, it is just hard to make myself break a streak.

  3. I too was a little disjointed to find the change today. Had especially probs loading pics which WP did not want to load until I discovered I can just link to them now. [I probably could have done that before too, who knows?]

  4. You too huh… I do like how it displays the stats on the dashboard now though.

  5. max

    Well yeah moving stats to the main page was smart but I still do not like it.


  6. Kym

    I know I’m going to like this but couldn’t they have warned us. A headsup is always appreciated.

  7. I love being surprised and I love the new dashboard!

    You’ll get used to it, Max. Change is good.

  8. They’ve been talking about it for weeks in the forum. People were SCREAMING for the update. But is a very top-down system and they knew damn well they were going to make this change, buy in or not.

  9. I take it back. Posting images are trickier and I’m shooting blanks.

  10. max

    It is pretty nasty and even if you get the image up it does not always give you the option of posting it into the post sometimes it just shoves it in a gallery and makes faces at you daring you to code it in yourself.

  11. That’s what it is doing, being nasty, and what is worse is I can’t talk back to it.

  12. max

    Rain is laughing at us she likes the new dashboard. I think she is a cyborg.

  13. Rain is like that Pat Benatar song – Invincible

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