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  1. Been on this one since the cispa idea was firts bandied about. Great post Max.

  2. Max

    You and I are, but the mainstream media when it even pays attention to this stuff has the attention span of a beheaded chicken. It took Wikipedia and Google saying fuck you and turning out the lights to get attention last time. Meanwhile DC just keeps renaming SOPA and pushing to pass it counting on the general public’s short attention span to allow them to push it through sooner or later. And negotiating with Facebook, “hey okay, it’s evil shit but you already distribute every piece of info you can about your users, what if we just say we won’t sue you, then will it work?” Facebook: Oh hells yes, what do you need? Underpants size or bank account number? Evil fucks.

  3. Sadly you are right on the money here. It’s STILL on the table and
    still a nightmare of intrusion… and NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION.
    Meanwhile, this week, the press is spending time posting a picture
    of Hillary Clinton drinking a single beer during her half hour at a

    Free speech? Privacy? Nothing to see here citizen move along.

    Not a funny subject, but I did crack up at your ‘Underpants size or bank account number? ‘ comment.
    We’ll keep on keepin’ on Max.
    Once again, thank you for posting this piece.

  4. Reblogged this on YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Labs: Reno Division and commented:
    This was posted by my dear friend Max Adams She is founder of the the Academy of film Writing in Los Angeles, award winning screenwriter, activist, sought after lecturer and amazing, intelligent and insightful woman. She is also one of the funniest and most caring people I’ve ever met.
    If YOU are an artist of any integrity -or a concerned citizen in regards to censorship on the Net, illegal monitoring, or government intrusion into our writing, take a look at this clip.
    Max has previously posted several insightful pieces on SOPA. Check out her blog ‘Celluloid Blonde.’
    ~Miss R

  5. Max

    Oh I knew there was a reason you are my favorite. Smooch!

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