stfu noob!


Hmm. We have been having no fun around here. It has all been election stuff. And wow does that get old fast. It especially gets old fast when you live in West Hollywood and police helicopters are circling your neighborhood ALL FREAKING DAY and ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Seriously. It is 2:23 AM as I type this and there is a helicopter overhead. And those fuckers are loud. I can shut every window and crank the TV volume to 45 and still have trouble hearing dialogue I can normally hear easy at 15. That is how loud they are.

[Hello West Hollywood Police those are not Taliban those are just gay people back behind the line please.]

Anyway. Something fun.

Something fun just spells A Squirrel That Looked Like Hitler to me. [A Squirrel That Looked Like Hitler just never gets old to me.] YAY!

[Also, turn the sound on right now.]




where that squirrel comes from :
that squirrel is from

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  1. as punk comedy can get – stupid yet funny!

  2. I used to live right around the corner from Grauman’s Chinese Theater and I remember hearing those helicopters, but after while I kinda got used to them.

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