stardust yay!


This movie Stardust really rocks. You should see it. I do not like the Stardust trailer though so I am not using it. This is a youtube someone else put together it is more fun.



[whoever put that together is a serious de niro fan the movie does not really star de niro but he has some fun bits in it — also this is based on a neil gaiman novel]


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  1. Neil Gaiman is a very cool guy too, I attended a lecture he gave at Yale not too long ago.

  2. max

    I do not know that much about him but he writes very cool stories.

  3. He was comic book writer to start with (the excellent Sandman series) then moved into short stories and novels. If you get a chance check out “American Gods”.

  4. This looks good. Haven’t seen Michelle Pfieffer around in ages.

  5. Based on the trailer I expected “Stardust” to kinda suck, but it was actually quite good. (The book is one of my favorites.) Also based on the trailer, I expected “The Golden Compass” to be pretty good, and it was terrible. It’s a sad day when you can’t trust movie trailers anymore …

  6. max

    I wanted more bears in Golden Compass. I was there for the bears.

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