Today was one of those days you throw open all the doors and windows and let the sullen air that has accumulated during winter wash out of the apartment in one big rush. Even the fireplace looks embarrassed, as if it does not belong here on a day like today and is just a remnant.

Uh oh. I bet this means spring cleaning.


21 Responses to spring

  1. Dan

    Huh…today was one of those days when you had to put on a scarf because the mercury was floating around 30.

    Ah, March in NYC!

    Needless to say, i’m just the teeniest bit jealous.

  2. max

    Wow. Poor Dan. Can I send you a popsickle or something? [I am chagrined I do not know the correct spelling of popsickle hmm.]

  3. Dan

    Popsicle the first thing you thought of? Not ice cream cone or some other frozen treat? Hmm…good thing I’m not a Freudian.

    But if you were to send me the popsicle, Max, I would treasure it always…or at least until it melted or was consumed.

  4. max

    Sometimes a popsicle is just a popsicle.

  5. Dan

    Gee….that’s too bad.

    Of course, I’m not one to turn down free gifts, even if they are devoid of sexual undertones.

  6. max

    LOL — I guess so if you can be had for a popsickle. [smile]

    Say, what are you doing tonight? I have ice cream.


  7. Dan

    Hehe…I said *you* could have me for a popsicle (or less), I didn’t say that went for everyone.

    Max + Ice Cream? Sounds like a perfect night…what did you have in mind?

  8. max

    Aw you sweet talker.

  9. Dan

    What can I say? You push all the right buttons.

    How’s that ice cream?

  10. max

    It is delish. I am round like a raccoon.

  11. Dan

    Round like a raccoon…but three times as cute, I bet.

  12. max

    I dunno, raccoons are pretty cute.

  13. Dan

    True…but don’t sell yourself short, Max.

  14. max

    Well, I have breasts and dimples and raccoons do not so it all works out.

  15. Dan

    Well, I am a pretty big fan of breasts and dimples…so, in my book, that puts you ahead of raccoons. Go you.

  16. max

    Wow, if all men are like you those raccoons can pretty much eat my dust. Woohoo.

  17. Dan

    A bit of friendly advice: maybe you should stay away from any man who’d choose a raccoon over a lovely specimen of Max-ness such as yourself. Just a thought.

  18. max

    Wow this so explains my tragic romantic history.

  19. Dan


    I’m telling you, dimples and breasts are the way to go.

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