I had this convo —

With my dad one time. He is my second father. I am lucky I got him. The first father sort of was not real interested. My second father was. He helped me with math.

My second father was talking about spoons. He said he had just discovered why he only liked small spoons. I said, Oh, why? He said because any time he said he did not like something when he was a kid his father made him eat a table spoon full of it. And to this day he could only really eat anything with a small spoon.

I said, That is funny, I have the same thing.

He said, Really? Why do you think that is?

I said, Because any time I ever said I did not like something as a kid, you fed it to me with a table spoon.


When my marriage collapsed my husband told me I always emasculated him.

I said, Really, how do I do that?

He said any time he put a spoon out for me I got up and replaced it.

I have always wondered. Was me changing the spoon emasculating him? Or was him never during three years noticing I only ate with small spoons him being really really unobservant?


where the art work comes from :
that is from jonny rewind

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  1. Sarah

    I’m going for #2.

  2. Any man who could be emasculated by whether or not a woman changed the size of the spoon she ate with could be emasculated by a butterfly in Argentina. Geez. I hope you gave him all of the big spoons in the divorce. ;)

  3. Um, what? Changing spoons is emasculating? Yikes. Good riddance. I say #2 as well.

  4. However did you meet this spoon sensitive guy?

  5. aj

    I stopped reading at “He helped me do math”. A successful screenwriter once told me that math is too hard, should never be discussed and should not require use in day to day life. Like a good little sheep, I just follow that lead.

  6. max

    Wow that is one smart screenwriter.

  7. I would have told him to fork off.

  8. Sarah

    Stiletto, that’s not very knife….

  9. max

    I am calling the pun police right now.

  10. Ben

    Well, this is an old post but I should say something, I guess. The reason I hate large spoons is the huge spoonfull of cod liver oil my mother would force into my mouth once a week. I no longer remember my father force feeding me with a spoon and Max, if I ever did that to you, I soooo apologize.

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