speed painting with mascara


This is the most amazing thing I have seen since watching a youtube of someone painting with that strange sludge they call breakfast in Australia.




where i nabbed that youtube :
i nabbed that at grace’s

8 Responses to speed painting with mascara

  1. that was cool and i love that that idiot is so talented and bored that they started playing with makeup.

  2. Stunned.
    I am stunned.

  3. jodhiay

    Shadow and light. That’s all it is, but the getting there is where the talent comes in. I’m humbled by it.

    So where do I send all of my out-of-date mascara tubes to?

    Thanks for sending me to Max’s page, AMM. This was cool.


  4. Wow. Just goes to prove that if you have the talent, you don’t have to have expensive materials to express it.

  5. max

    I thought it was pretty cool.

  6. Unbelievable! The talent is AWESOME.

  7. The fact that he did the entire nose as negative space is amazing. In art class, we did some work with non-traditional materials, but mascara! What a wonderful idea!

  8. I saw this a long time ago. Very cool indeed.

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