speaking of puppies


matt pupSpeaking of puppies —

Look at this guy. That is Matt.

He is cute as hell.

I should so not be looking at rescue dogs.


*he is part chow part australian cattle dog, do you know how smart that makes him?


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  1. That dog should be in the movies.
    He’s got a look.

  2. max

    Isn’t he amazing? If I could get a dog right now I would so go get him.

  3. “Do you know how smart that makes him?”

    Smarter than most males?

    Cute dog. I wonder what sort of baggage he comes with – the cute ones always have some.

  4. max

    He is pretty young, he cannot have a lot of baggage yet, but the landlord does not want dogs so it is kind of moot.

  5. Are you allowed to have cats? I don’t remember.

    Scroll down and look at “Mary and Nabi” – is that Pumpkin’s twin????

  6. max

    Oh wow. That is so Pumpkin’s twin.

    The landlord is okay with cats. I think probably after a year if I spoke to him he would be okay with dogs too. I do not think right now I should take on the responsibility of an animal though.

  7. If you got him, would you change his name?

    Just curious. He doesn’t look like a Matt.

  8. max

    I think it would be confusing to a dog to be called Matt in a househole with a Max, the names are awful similar. [Also it is hell at a dog park being named Max all over people are calling “Max Max Max” and that would get on a dog whose name started with Ma’s nerves too I think.] I cannot go naming dogs I will never have though I would feel all bonded and heart broken then.

  9. I have two friends who have had dogs named Max.

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