speaking of cat collars


cat collarEver miss —

Someone you really should not miss for reasons you really should not miss someone?

Nah. It is just me.


By the way, I have been scarily productive. I went to Bev Hills and saw a friend, explored the neighborhood around the apartment and found a hardware store that carries the bulbs I needed and replaced the burnt out bulb that has needed replacing for a month and even got on a ladder to do it. I put away the Christmas wreath that has been hanging on the inside of the front door since December — on the inside so my neighbors do not know I am too lazy to put a Christmas wreath away oops. I picked up paper products. I found a frame shop that can fix Greta’s glass. [Greta’s glass has been broken since the loft so she has been living in the closet. Poor Greta.] AND I finally stashed the shelves that have been dismantled awaiting stashing since November. I wonder what would happen if I took the legacy phone in and got it fixed? Probably that would distort the space time continuum too much….


where the art work comes from :
that is that collar by der martin

[apologies for significant editing der martin]

17 Responses to speaking of cat collars

  1. … Do what you can now before it wears off.

  2. Collared by memories/missing someone…yet so motivated to do the things you need to do.

  3. Kym

    I’m still reeling from the idea of Max with a Christmas wreath.

  4. max

    Really this was all inspired by a friend stopping by which made me look at the place from a second perspective and think, Wow, some of this stuff is really overdue how lame is it that it is not done?

    Kym, yes, I have a Christmas wreath. I like sparkley things.

  5. californiablogging

    A man friend? : )

  6. I’m staggered by a Max who has Things Out of Place.

    I am guilt-ridden. I had no idea.

    That’s like, a cry for help. Seriously.

    Take your iron.

  7. max

    You would not believe it. There are five pieces of paper, a script, and a post it on the desk top. It is out of control.

  8. ::mutters obscenities::

  9. It’s good to clear up your feng shui. Buy a cactus and stick it in your fame and reputation gua. It will liven things up – trust me!

  10. max

    You did not buy a cactus and put it in the fame & reputation area. Do you know how bad that would be? Bad, Stil, bad.

    Have you thrown out that dead plant and barbeque yet or are they still on the patio?

  11. The dead stuff is still on the patio. Today was convertible weather day in DC and I was not going to spend it cleaning the balcony! Instead, I spent it running other errands but at least I got to cruise around in my car.

    I read that the cactus is good in fame and reputation. No? All those pricks give it life.

  12. max

    Stil. The dead stuff has been on the patio for a year. LOL

    No cactus in the fame area. It is too prickly, it will create too aggressive energy.

  13. Too aggressive energy? You mean silly boys full of unbridled testosterone will come banging away at my door?

    I think the cactus will stay where it is.

  14. max

    No, that would be cactus in the love zone. In the fame zone it means you might get a lot of press and work, but a lot of it will be unpleasant or have a bite or too much drama.

  15. max

    [I wonder if Britney has too many cactuses around in the fame area]

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