space, light, texture


“Visuals are the weakest element in most script pages I see and Visual Writing is the first class I created because I thought this was the most important missing subject in screenwriting classes. Most writers sit down and think story. But a film is not just story. A film is, literally, moving photographs. And if you don’t know that, if you don’t write that, you are not writing a film. And nobody reading the script will ‘see’ a film. Because you didn’t write one. This is why space, light, and texture are the building blocks
during the first week in Visual Writing. Because space, light and texture are the building blocks creating an image on film — and so, the building blocks creating ‘film’ using just words on a page.”


— max adams discussing :::visual writing:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from tänze des grauens

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  1. Brilliant class. I almost want to take it again.

  2. max

    I would love to have you in the class again just for selfish reasons. You are one of my fave students.

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