songs that haunt me


Most people I know who are haunted by songs are haunted by songs that are current day and have some impact on their current situations.

Or that is my impression.

I am not. I am barely touched by anything current day. The songs that haunt me are songs from somewhere else. I do not know where. But they run through my head like a soft background to my life. And they say remember, remember — but remember what I do not know.

And then, sometimes, really un-often, they show up in the flesh.




*someday i would like to know why every song that resonates with me is a war rebel song written and sung over a hundred years ago on foreign soil



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  1. That’s a powerful version. I wasn’t aware it was war song. I suppose it must be. All the references though are too obscure for me. So how do you know its a war rebel song? What’s the history then?

  2. Tim

    I can appreciate that somewhat. In my own case though, the music that haunts me belongs to particular place, particular times and to people that are not my own. But nonetheless, I feel a connection.

    Ironically, the people whose music haunts me made the music to succor their own disconnection from their homeland; the place they made this music (Maritime Canada) is far away from the Scotland and Ireland they left behind, and the time is far enough gone that the language itself (Gaelic) has become disconnected from the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Happily though, all is not lost and in kitchens across the Maritimes, people still play the fiddle, and children (in places like Cape Breton)are being reintroduced to Gaelic.

    [Of course, there’s a ton of happy, upbeat, dance music too… Just saying…]

  3. Jordan

    Dropkick Murphys have a lot of songs like that. Only they have bagpipes, which is scientifically proven to inspire violence or sexual fervor. The trousers song is haunting because of the kid at the end. Kids are creepy things.

  4. max

    Doug, I just know.

    Tim, that is interesting.

    Jordan, kids are creepy things? You crack me up.

  5. Jordan

    I’m serious though. Look at the movies. Is there a ghost story without a creepy kid seeing creepy stuff with their creepy “hasn’t been desensitized to extra-worldly forces kid vision”.

    That’s why I refuse to reproduce. I just know I’ll get the one that can summon poltergeist. Who needs that kind of pressure?

  6. max

    Grandma: Where is Jordan Jr.?

    Jordan: Locked in the closet little bastard was seeing dead people again.

  7. As a child, the song was song by the women of my family as a bit of a racy nonsense song. I did a quick bit of research. When the British defeated Chairlie, to break up the Clans, they banned the wearing of Kilts. Many Scots had their tartans made into trousers.

  8. max

    Thanks for looking that up Doug.

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