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fear by chaovskyYou know of all the cities in the U.S. —

That I have been in, New Orleans was always the one I liked. The one I thought, if I could live anywhere, that would be it.

Well, except for the weather. The weather in N.O. always really sucked. But there was so much good about New Orleans it made up for that and hell, that is what air conditioning was invented for.

And I think N.O. was that way for a lot of people. A lot of places in the U.S. suck, and people have to be in those places, but, there is always N.O. If it all got to be too much I could always have gone off to N.O. and drawn chalk figures on sidewalks or sold po boys or something.

Now that is gone.

In the part of me that sees big patterns in things and machiavelian movements that are bigger than people, you know that does not always look accidental. It looks like the places that are havens are being slowly eradicated while out there, something is looking and closing down avenues of escape.

I know that is paranoid as hell.

But sometimes it feels like a sentience is at work and not in a good way, closing off avenues and pinpointing every last person on the planet with more numbers and more ways of finding people and keeping track —

And I do not like it much.


where the art work comes from :
that is fear from chaovsky

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