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reelI am —

Walking down the street. I am wearing a workshop shirt. The one that says I’ll sleep with you if you make my movie. I always wear this shirt backwards because I am uncomfortable with people reading that across my breasts. Or reading anything across my breasts really. I have forgotten I have that shirt on. This guy behind me yells, Hey!

I turn around.

He grins. “Someone is going to make that movie.”


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that is reel by exaussie

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  1. californiablogging

    That’s funny, I bet he was wishing he could finance a movie! I am not a big fan of using boobs as billboards either. It’ s hard enough getting people too look you in the eye

  2. LMAO!! Brings a whole new meaning to the term, “Movie whore.” It’s nice to be noticed though.

  3. max

    Wow I have never even heard the term movie whore and I work in motion pictures.

    You are sure racy Woe.

    Jen, you have cleavage. I do not — and do not usually have this prob with eye contact — unless something is spelled across my breasts. Then oddly men become real slow readers. It is very confusing.

  4. conundrum

    I hate it when women use their breasts as a billboard.

    For reasons indecipherable to me, I can’t seem to resist trying to read the message (on women or guys actually) yet I hate to do it because when I do look the gals in the eye, I feel like a perv whose been caught. I’m actually an eyes-guy so that would be my target if not for the distracting narrative. It hits me like watching a car accident – I don’t want to but the magnetism of the event is inescapable.

    Now here’s my confusion – you don’t want to be the walking-breast-billboard, yet you wore the shirt in public anyway. So what hope is there for the weak-willed victim-voyeur?

  5. kymk

    Actually, I like a clever t-shirt line on men and women but some people seem to forget that they wear a funny tagline and get offended when you look at them and laugh. In fact, Max, I would probably be one of those people who forget and all the way home I’d be thinking, “Someone is going to make what movie?” Duh!

    Apparently, you maintain awareness of your cloth tattoos even when they appear on your back. This requires mental agility far beyond my grasp.

  6. petecrow

    geez, max, i already agreed to make your movie if … errr … ummm — . Now here you out searching for new backers. I think the 4-hour shooting schedule and my $800 budget (including post) had something to do with this. I really do.

  7. max

    Con, I turn the shirt around so the print is on the back. Doy.

  8. While I realize that you turned it around… I just wanted to put in there that I’m a HUGE fan of text-on-boobs.

    Not that that’s a huge surprise.

    Also, love those shirts. :D

  9. max

    You crack me up Dave.

  10. sulya

    I’ll give the guy this, max, he found a way to pay you a compliment that was a smidge off the beaten track lol…

    I have, at times when I am not wearing a shirt with words on it anywhere – which is most of the time – wished there were words and that they were:

    “Mine don’t talk to strangers”

    Or something to that effect…

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  12. conundrum

    Ok Duh….

    >>>>I have forgotten I have that shirt on.

    One doofus who should remain nameless assumed that one wore it text-forward that day since one forgot she had it on in public. One assumed that in private she chose to wear it text-forward as being more comfortable than clothing worn backwards.

    One will read more carefully in future.

    One apologizes for blatant stupidity.

  13. Haha!

    I was just at Borders reading “Shirts You Shouldn’t Wear,” courtesy of Glamour magazine. One was, “I’ve got the pussy I make the rules..” (I happen to have those undies and matching top, mind you)

    I’m wondering…if your shirt would have been included! lol

  14. max

    I do not know. My take would be your class was telling you how messed up it was to say things “feminine” though and the workshop does not say things “feminine.” It just says things “do not fuck with me,” no gender specific required.

  15. I’m just trying to figure out where these “fashion experts” draw the line. Who is to say what is right and what is not?

  16. californiablogging

    Meee! I am to say what is right and what is not….. LOL Workshop shirt good, “P word” shirt bad. : )

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