some days


Over and over —

I am told, Oh sure Obama did this terrible thing.  But Bush did it first!

And I think, What are we, third graders?  Is it not bad now, if it was bad then?



Bad is bad.  Bad then is bad now. Bad is bad no matter who does it.  If when Bush did it, it was bad?  When Obama does it, it is bad.



There is a terrible price to pay for this knowledge.

I am paying it every day.



where the art work comes from:
that is archangel from tomer666


4 Responses to some days

  1. A beautiful way to say… we all pay the price.
    even though so many specifically didn’t ask to pay it over 8 years ago.
    rock on sweetheart

  2. Max a p.s.
    know you are a member of the writer’s union -which brought us Dr. Horrible. One of my faves of all time. Yes I’m one of the folks that actually purchased the DVD and CD.Twice really, one set for me and one for my daughter.
    Heard anything on a sequel?
    Writer’s strike SUCKED! This may be the best thing that came out of it for we ‘viewers’ who are not just glued to the tube and pay attention to the actors and writers involved in their work.
    The intelligent public is willing to pay for good writing/music/film no mater what.

  3. Think that people like Joss Whedon and Neil P Harris refused to stop working and did everything on their own dime. Just to create.
    What do you think Max?

  4. Max

    The writers’ strike was terrible. It hurt a lot of people. It was also necessary. The corporations were just pushing and pushing. There is a point at which you can’t keep getting pushed, you have to say no, your survival demands it. So writers went on strike. And everyone in the business paid a price for that. And all most of America could say was, “How dare they? I want to watch my Jimmy Kimmel.” Some harsh memories from the strike. :::sigh::: Dr. Horrible is great though. I don’t know anything about the sequel.

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