so there's this town in montana


I am cruising Facebook hanging out with my Lefty friends — and a few Libertarians who are totally trying to recruit me. I do not get why Libertarians like me so much. Or maybe I do. My ex one time looked at me really hard and said, You are NOT a Democrat. And I said, Do not be silly, I am totally a Democrat. And he said, No you’re not. I don’t know what you are, but it is not a Democrat. You’re a militant!

I actually thought that was petty funny.

But anyway this town in Montana. I see this link on Dan’s page titled WTF! And it’s this article on infowars about Hardin Montana being policed by this private paramilitary force that has just taken over.

I think, WTF? But I am not okay with just one link. Not on something like this [especially from Alex Jones who does not exactly have a reputation for being even keeled delicate cough]. But I do an internet hunt and apparently yes there are several stories there are several youtubes this is really going down. WTF?




Okay. Do not go too crazy. There is a lot more to this story. See apparently Hardin built a prison. I mean it. A real prison. I guess sort of with the thought, Hey what does America really need more of? Prisons! Yay! And the philosophy, If we build it, they will come.

Only nobody came.

Hardin must so have the wrong friends because with one out of every one hundred adult Americans incarcerated and the news yelling every day about prison overcrowding you would think someone would share. But no. No prisoners for Hardin. Until —

This guy Michael Hilton from American Police Force shows with a great big plan for the prison. And the Hardin town leaders leap into bed with him immediately. He has Mercedes. He has automatic weapons. He has big dreams. And he is also going to purchase five hundred acres for training grounds and firing ranges. That just spells cash. Yay!

[Did anybody ask what anyone would need with five hundred acres of training grounds and firing ranges? Um, no.]

So they roll out the red carpet. This is jobs. This is income. This will put prisoners in the prison!

[Did anybody ask what prisoners? Um, no.]

And then the nice American Police Force man slapped nice police labels on the nice Mercedes and started patrolling Hardin. [Which doesn’t have a police force of its own, it is too tiny so it depends on PD from a bigger town a few miles away.] And that got some attention. And, ultimately, press attention. From people like Alex Jones [delicate cough] and then from mainstream press.

Um. Oops.

Turns out the nice man with the nice Mercedes and the big dreams? Is a total con man. And now the police stickers are off the nice Mercedes and everyone is looking pretty hard at Michael Hilton, American Police Force, and that prison in Hardin. But that is not really the issue here.


When Michael Hilton slapped police stickers on his cars and started patrolling Hardin Montana?




Not the police who actually were supposed to look after Hardin. Not the town hall people who had climbed into bed with Michael Hilton. Not the residents of Hardin. Nobody. Not till press showed up and started asking questions.

What happens if press does not show up?


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  1. I always thought of you as a progressive democrat. I don’t agree with everything the dems are for, you know that is never a good thing to just agree with the party line no matter what it is. There is corruption is everything.

  2. max

    These days the Democrat label is a lot like the Christian label. A lot of people wearing it aren’t actually practicing it.

  3. ClaudiaO

    It’s good to have Alex Jones around. He IS a watchdog of sorts. Which is how you found out about Hardin. I read about it last year. Jones also reports on the New World Order, 911 conspiracies, and I especially enjoyed his expose of the shenanigans down at Bohemian Grove outside of SF.

    There is truth some truth behind that cough. We realize the money runs things, not the mom & pops. Our farms are fallow fields. Our small town centers have been destroyed by the corporation Walmart. Our collective voice has been ‘herded’ for quite some time in the US (see media or just watch Congress today protect corporations). Hard to believe that the common folk have been sucked into buying into the Bush military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about (patriotism). Then Obama came to town (that was that collective fuck you Bush vote after his war spending crashed our comfy but declining middle class life). The entrenched corporate powers went into turmoil – they are quickly regaining power again in the markets (see tarp). Whether democrat Obama gets sucked into maintaining the status quo like democrat Clinton did remains to be seen. Obama knows the corporations have bought the democratic party as well now (see healthcare reform). We are now cogs in the bigger world wheel and computers run it more efficiently every day. Your indicator that Obama has not gone over to the dark side: If Obama pulls us out of Iraq & Afghanistan, we will know he has not bought Bush’s old store..

    As for Hardin, well, it is just another corrupt little town in America. That’s all. And you are no libertarian – they are militant Republicans shoring up the status quo in the end. As for what you ‘are’, I would say that has not been invented yet, but we are a new group emerging (currently labeled liberal democrat or progressive), and if Obama stays on course, we DO have the opportunity for change. A change for the good of people, not corporations or the New World Order or whatever the fuck label it’s getting these days.

  4. Have you taken this quiz Max?

    I’m a libertarian, but a libertarian leftist… Which is VERY hard for most people to wrap their heads around. I fall almost directly between the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela on the graph, right near Gandhi!

  5. max

    Claudia, I agree, it is good to have Alex Jones around.

    Woe, you cannot be Ghandi and a Libertarian. You can be Ghandi and disapprove of the extension of federal powers.

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